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Product Description
The mechanical earthquake valve that perceives the seismic activity (earthquakes), and automatically shuts off the flow of gas as a result of the perceived activities.
This device has been designed to automatically shut off the gas flow due to earthquakes under TS12884 and ASCE 25-06 standard conditions. When the device is subjected to the momentum range of seismic vibrations given in the standard conditions, the device makes shut-off. Ø Operating Pressure: 4 bar
 Max. Test Pressure: 20 bar
 Operating temperature: -23°C /+60°C
 TS ISO 7007 PN 16 Flange
 Gasses Used:Natural gaz, LPG, Methane, Propane, Air …etc gaseous fluids.
 As touched surfaces and body aliminium and brass/other parts aluminium brass and stainless steel .
 TS 12884 and ASCE 25-06 Standard
TÜV NORD CE 2580 (ITALY) ASCE 25-06 and TS 12884



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