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Flexset Wall Formwork Systems




Flexset Wall Formwork Systems

FLEXSET®, curtain formwork system, is a new generation aluminum panel formwork system. 

 Same Strength, Much Lighter;

Although aluminum profiles have the same strength as steel, they are 1/3 lighter. 

Max. Per panel. Thanks to its 56 kg weight, it is a light enough system that 2 people can easily carry. 

Therefore, it is an ideal solution for construction sites and applications that do not require a crane or have areas that are difficult to reach.

 Longer Life;

Moist, rainy, etc. Using aluminum materials instead of steel materials, which are adversely affected by weather conditions and tend to rust as a result, provides a much longer life guarantee.

 Fast Product Delivery;

Since the use of aluminum profiles does not require painting and galvanizing processes, fast product delivery can be achieved.

 Environmental and Nature Friendly;

The aluminum materials used are almost 100% recyclable.

 Post-Casting Dismantling;

Aluminum corner wedges facilitate the dismantling of the panel, leverage the panel, sledgehammer, etc. protects against impacts.

 Flexible Application;

The system, in which different heights and widths are produced robotically, offers flexible solutions for all types of LTZ and angled sections.

Provides fast circulation in the construction site environment;

Thanks to this assembly-disassembly ease and lightness, the system elements can be quickly shipped to the next casting area.




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