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The tea germ of jasmine tea is made of green Mao tea through refining (omitted) according to the standard sample of embryo grade of flower tea. The scenting process of flower tea is mainly the process of flower fragrance and tea embryo fragrance. The fragrance of jasmine flowers is biochemical change. Under the action of enzyme, temperature, water and oxygen, the mature jasmine flowers decompose the fragrance substances. With the physiological change and the opening of the flowers, they continuously emit the fragrance. Under the action of physical adsorption, tea germ absorbs a lot of water along with the absorption of fragrance. Due to the permeation of water, chemical adsorption occurs. Under the action of damp heat, complex chemical changes take place. Tea soup changes from green to yellow gradually. The taste changes from light astringency to strong alcohol, forming the unique fragrance, color and taste of flower tea



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