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BARIJ ESSENCE Company is a famous holding company in Iran which has been established by Mr. Hossein Hejazi. This holding company actives in the field of growing medical plants as well as producing herbal supplements and finally distributing its products entire IRAN. There are 3 companies belong to this holding as following: • GOLKARAN Agro-Industry Co, agricultural Company, producer different kinds of plants which are used as the raw materials in our pharmaceutical company. • DAROU GOSTAR BARIJ distribution Co, domestic distributor of BARIJ holding company products whole of Iran. • BARIJ ESSENCE Pharmaceutical Co, producer of herbal supplements as well as essential oils based on herbal active ingredients. Our mission is to identify more and more medicinal plants and develop using of this kinds of plants in various stages of clinical research in plant breeding at the Research Center in order to increase the entry of new products and meet customer needs.