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Maher Ghaffar & Co
sialkot, Punjab

Product Details

Hair Professional Barber Scissors :
Our Professional Hair Cutting Scissors offers extended adaptability. By having the ability to keep the wrist straight and the
elbow down in every single trimming position, the ergonomic inspirations driving interest are enlarged making more solace and control amidst use.The Cleaned Shear is a shocking Japanese blend hair cutting shear proposed for ergonomic solace and exactness control. These shears attract you to cut with your elbow in a dropping position, reducing weight on your hand, wrist and body.

* Shears intertwine the same ergonomic tendencies
* Impartial hand/thumb position for a lovely cut
* The weight adaptable screw gives you the choice to locate the best
* Delivered utilizing 420 J2 steel – the most raised overview of faultless blend
* Can be utilized on wet or dry hair