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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger features

The stainless steel plates are brazed together, then no need for gasket and frames.the contact points to help hold the plates together,also can take high pressure.the brazing material function is sealing the stainless steel package.GHE's brazed heat exchangers are brazed at all contact points,to make sure best heat transfer efficiency and pressure resistance.the advance of brazed plate heat exchanger is compact size and light weight,also can take high preesure up to 4.5Mpa.GHE offers a flexible customer-made design to meet customer-specific requirements then to ensure the most cost-efficient solution for customers' heat transfer duties.



Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Material

The BPHE(Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger) main components are stainless steel corrugated plates and copper sheet,the stainless steel plates are brazed together by brazing material (Copper or Nickel)in Vacuum Furnace.Copper brazed heat exchanger can be sued for numerous of applications.however ,for food or application involving aggressive fluids,Nickel brazed units are recommend .