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Introduction of Feller location and routing software

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    • Feller is the last line of defense of the emergency disposal system in refineries and petrochemical plants, which is used to dispose of non-recoverable and wasted gases in these plants. South Pars Special Zone is located near Assaluyeh village and in a very small area between the sea and high mountains. The small size of the area, impassable mountains, and the large number of flare stacks required by petrochemical plants greatly limited the degree of freedom of choice of flare stack locations and increased the constraints required to locate them, thus designing and building software for automation. The analyzes required to locate the stack of fillers were inevitable. Finally, by reviewing the documents published by various institutes with expertise in this field and consulting with experts, the software "Location of the optimal location of phase 2 fillers" in this company was prepared.

    • This program calculates the energy emitted from the flare at the desired area and by performing GIS analyzes provides the best route for the construction of the flare pipeline and the possibility of optimal placement of the flare stack semi-automatically without the need for complex manual calculations. Brought.

  • Important product features:

    • Location and routing with several limitations including:
    • Spatial constraints for the location of flares in the area
    • Location-specific topography
    • The need for mass and simultaneous placement of flares
    • Multiple factors affecting the location of flares
  • Technical details of the project:

  • This program is based on the technology of finding the best position for the location of flares and also designing the best route for pipes to reach flares such as in the South Pars Petrochemical region (Assaluyeh)




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