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Downhole motor /Mud Motor for oil well Drilling

A mud motor (or drilling motor,downhole motor) is a progressive cavity positive displacement pump (PCPD) placed in the drill string to provide additional power to the bit while drilling. The PCPD pump uses drilling fluid (commonly referred to as drilling mud, or just mud) to create eccentric motion in the power section of the motor which is transferred as concentric power to the drill bit (well). The mud motor uses different rotor and stator configurations to provide optimum performance for the desired drilling operation, typically increasing the number of lobes and length of power assembly for greater horsepower.

Main Features of downhole motor mud motor 

1) Increased rate of penetration.

2)Better hole deviation control. 

3) Reduction in drill string failure rate.

4)Reduction in wear and tear of the swivel, Kelly, and rotary drives.

5) Reduction in fuel cost, since compared to rotary drilling, less energy is required to power a downhole motor.

Specifications For Downhole Motor 5LZ165x7.0V -4
Metric Imperial

General Info
Outer Diameter (OD) 165 mm 6 1/2 in Bit Size Range 213-251 mm 8 3/8-9 7/8 in Well hole Size Range 213-251 mm
6 3/4-8 3/4 in Top connection 4 1/2REG Bit Conection 4 1/2REG

Power Section and Perfomance
Lob configuration 5:6 Numbers of stages 4 Flow Rate 862-1724 lpm 228-456gpm Rotary Speed 87-174 rpm

Standard Elastomer
Max Pressure Loss 4.52 Mpa 655 psi Max Torgue 4878 N.m 3957 lb.ft Power Output 88 Kw 119 hp Operational Pressure Loss 3.2 Mpa 466 lb. ft Operational Torgue 3673 N.m 2709 lb.ft
Bearing Sub Operational Pressure 160 KN 35200lb Max Pressure 80 KN 17600 lb