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KHT5500 new hydraulic power tong


KHT5500 hydraulic power tongs is the open power tongs which is applicable to make up or break out 23/8"-31/2" drill pipes, 31/2"-4+/2" tubing and 41/2"-51/2" casing during oil field workover operation. And three-jaw-plate clamping device is adopted in the master tong and back tongs.



1,The tong head is the open structure position, and the integral tong head has good hardness and rigidity;

2,The three-jaw-plate clamping device is adopted in the master tong and back tongs. The front two jaw plates of the master tong are in the swing structure and the back jaw plate is the roller-climbing structure.

3,Four-gear rotation is adopted for large speed regulation range.

4,It has the braking mode with braking staple. The braking torque is large. The operation is simple. And it is convenient for repair and replacement;

5,With the open large gear supporting structure, hardness and rigidity of open large gear is enhanced considerably;

6,The shell is made of steel plate with high hardness.

7,Hydraulic torque indicator is provided. And installation interface of turning torque instrument is provided for computerized management.






Application range


High Gear Torque

2500N.m @ 14MPa/3400ft-lbs @2000psi

Second High gear Torque

8000N.m @ 14MPa/5900ft-lbs @2000psi

Second Low gear Torque

12000N.m @ 14MPa/8800ft-lbs @2000psi

Low Gear Torque

20000N.m @ 14MPa/27000ft-lbs @2000psi

High Gear rpm


Low Gear rpm


Oil Flow

132.5 L/min/35 gpm

Dimension: L x W x H

1220 x 860 x 1708

Weight(including Backup Tong)


Specifications Of Jaw Plates

5.5″(139.7mm),5″(127mm), 4.5″(114.3mm), 3.5″(88.9mm), 2.88″(73mm),2.38″(60.3mm) 6.5″(165.1mm)