Production Machine

Morgan Chemicals
Karachi - Pakistan, Sindh

Product Details

We provide Innovative and reliable solution for achieving operational excellence. We are focused on helping companies procure innovative solutions that are best-in-class, robust, high performing and compliant to strict industrial standards for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our solutions are customised to meet your specific product handling and at the same time we can offer technical interventions on existing machines, engineering services, after sales assistance, supply new size parts and much more. This enables us to deliver the highest reliability and performance standards across our entire range of machines and services. Some Product range that we can offer but not limited

1. Pharmaceutical Processing Machines.
2. Herb Extraction Equipment.
3. Automatic Labeling Machine.
4. Tablet Press Machine.
5. Softgel Encapsulation Machine
6. Automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine
7. Blister Packing Machine
8. Liquid Bottle Filling Machine
9. Tablet Counting Machine
10. Capsule Filling Machine
11. Automatic Cartoning Machine
12. Empty Gel Capsules
13. Film Coating Machine
14. Granulating Machine
15. Vacuum Emulsifying Machine
16. Pharmaceutical Dryers
17. Powder Mixing Machine
18. Water Purification Machine.
19. BlowFill & Seal Machine
20. Prefilled Syring Machine


With a strong motivated team, we are ground committed to serve our customers with superior services that ensure them to be at ease at their work place, every time they are using our machines. Right from the selection of the appropriate technology & machines, Morgan will also accompany the customer through :

1. Installation & Commisioning
2. Validation
3. Training
4. After Sales Service
5. Spare