Anping Guangtong Wire Mesh

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Guangtong Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer by designing, researching and production of types of woven wire mesh, knitted wire mesh, various industrial filter elements and filter products. The main products include stainless steel wire mesh, nickel wire mesh, sintered wire mesh, wire mesh discs, tubes, Pleated filter element, Sintered filter element, Wedge filter element, Leaf disc filter, Proclean filter, Filter cartridge, Rimed filter discs and other filter products.The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical fiber, aerospace and aviation, metallurgy, water treatment, food and beverage, coal chemical industry, removal of industrial high-temperature flue gas and dust, automobile exhaust treatment and other fields and industries.Guangtong has a professional R&D team, with innovation and development, we are committed to provide the high-efficient filters, superior-quality filters and high-end filters product to our customers. From design, research to production, we have been trying our best to meet the individual design and potential requirements of customers, and to provide our customers a reliable filtering solution. Pharmaceutical equipment and chemical equipment manufacturers, mainly need to use the wire mesh and filters to sieve and separation.