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COSMECNIQUE was established since 2003, it is a French skincare range designed to deliver skin wellness for life. Cosmecnique is an exclusive brand for esthetic, which cares about not only various types of skin condition but also sensitive skin and also developing various technical products which include high-functional ingredients that make best condition of skin and improve the effectiveness of treatment. In short, Cosmecnique is the special cosmetic brand for esthetic use, making best effort to progress healthy and beautiful skin. With its unique and effective products, today Cosmecnique has more than 180 participated dealers, not only in Malaysia, but also in Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan and Indonesia. OUR VISION Cosmecnique products is unique and advance to meet up with the market needs, we select and try new products 6 months before every launching to ensure the quality measure up to our standard. All testing been done on our employee with various skin type. We believe in natural ingredient which leads us to select plants and marine extracts. Quality products run hand in hand with stable operation procedure and good customer services will lead us nearer to our vision. In order to have a smoother operation we are up grading our data program to support our future booming.