CV Buana Raga

CV Buana Raga is an export company focused on agriculture and farming commodity such as coffee. Lombok is rarely known as a coffee production centre, while this area has the potential of million tons of production of coffee beans. Our farmers' plantation is in Rempek Village, North Lombok Regency — a unique area close to the ocean and the third highest mountain in Indonesia (Rinjani Mountain). The coffee bean has several distinct variants and avors, but "the hidden gem" is not widely spread yet. Following the market trends, we produce green beans and roasted beans, called "Rempek Coffee". Beyond as an export company, we want to run our business together hand-in-hand with our partnering farmers. We believe in universalism and the welfare of the people that we are working with. Our initiative is to collaborate with local farmers and entrepreneurs to promote the product and maintaining the quality and sustainability of genuine commodities