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Fujian Lion Motor Co., Ltd was founded in July, 2004. It is located in Banzhong Industrial Zone of Fuan, Fujian province, where it is called the Small Motor City of China. Our company is a professional energy-efficient motor manufacturer and supplier of R & D and production and sales at home and abroad brought together. Our factory covers an area of 36 acres with convenient transportation and rich resources.Basing on the advanced electrical technology from Tsinghua university and Chinese Academy of Sciences and top-rank production and testing equipment, our motors are produced through more than one hundred crafts and have reached the international level. Since “Chinese New Standard for High-efficiency Motor” was published, only 40 out of thousands of motor firms were selected into “No.42 Promotion Directory For Energy-Saving High-Efficiency Motor Products For People-Benefit Project”, which was published by the State Development Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance in 2013. Lion Motor Co., Ltd was one of those 40 companies. Our featured products include YX3 and YE3 series AC motors, NE and NEP series American NIMA standard motors and original new YC series high horsepower single phase motors. The last-named has large starting torque, which is as same as the original type. The above products are of good quality, high-efficiency and low cost, which give the company its competitive edge.