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Riwa was established in 1987, Top quality, competitive price and perfect service are our tenet, Riwa has a strong team on manufacturing, dealing in, researching and developping.Riwa has perfect testing instruments, strict supervision and quality control.She has gotten the high reputation in the field. Our plastic pigments, ink pigments, organic pigments, paint pigments products are popular all over the world with high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and efficient service. ZHE JIANG RIWA GROUP CO.,LTD.is located in Hangzhou which is full of economic vitality city in the long triangle area. RIWA is a modern private enterprise which adopt the group system manual, set up in 2004. The industry involves the pigment chemical industry, the network technology, the import and export business, the investment, the education and relevant fields. RIWA owns seven holding companies and wholly-owned company limited. Our total assets surpasses two hundred million RMB and the annual sales is up to five hundred million RMB. RIWA GROUP is a large group of pigment chemical, HANGZHOU RIWA CHEMICALS CO.,LTD., HANGZHOU RONGCAI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD., JIANGSU RIWA CHEMICALS CO.,LTD., LIANYUNGANG RUIHUA CHEMICALS CO.,LTD., HANGZHOU RIWA IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD., ANHUI CHIZHOU TAIYANG PIGMENT CO.,LTD, HEBEI WUQIANG QILONG CHEMICALS CO.,LTD., HANGZHOU YUZHUO NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., belong to RIWA GROUP. RIWA manufacture and sell specially RIWA, RWCOLOR&HANGCOLOR pigment. All of these products are widely used in ink, paint, coating, plastic, rubber, paste, arts pigment and stationery etc. relevant field and have a good reputation in the field. HANGZHOU YUZHUO NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. creat and operate the “EKOUW”, which constructs the base in the large-scale shopping and recreation area in the national main cities. HANGZHOU RIWA IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.,LTD. and HUANGSHAN RIHUA TRADE CO.,LTD. have a good reputation in the chemical comprehensive import and export company. HUANGSHAN KEDA ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE is the key enterprise of the low-voltage apparatus industry. HUANGSHAN SHEXIAN KEDA VOCATIONAL COLLEGE trains more than 500 professionals for SHEXIAN. The enterprise makes innovations constantly, insists the standardized management, has established a set of scientific, rigorous, systemic management system and the system flow which matches with it, and introduces the informationalized management system comprehensively. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality control system authentication successively, the ISO14001:2004 environmental management system authentication and the OHSAS18001:2001 occupational health safety control system authentication. The annual output is more than ten thousand tons. The enterprise is equipped with the municipal research and development technology center, owns the advanced and perfect examination facility, the strict management and the quality assurance system. What's more, it is elected a international quality credit “AAA” enterprise, the bank credit “AAA” enterprise by China Product Quality Association. ●Enterprise Mission: To be the leader of the pigment industry ●Mission Statement: To provide the high quality products and the individual prompt service for the customers; To build the space for colleagues to study and the platform for their independent development; To bring the visible investment repayment and the invisible social image to the shareholder; To undertake more responsibilities and the promotion the ceconomy development. ●Vision of the enterprise: To be the top 10 of the global pigment industry until 2018. ●Core Values: Credibility: Honest Responsibility: The spirit of responsibility Absorption: Dedicated attitude Innovation: The consciousness of sustained creation Kindheartedness: Charity ●Notion of the development: paying more attention to the growing will increase in value day by day, neglecting the growing will make value shortage day after day. ●Notion of the work: Hard-work will be successful finally, Solidarity will own the glory. ●Notion of the marketing: To make our dreams come true should make the customers’ dream come true . ●Notion of the service: Professional service will convince customers and individual service will make customers gladden and inspire. ●Notion of the quality: Quality is the lifeline and the value chain. ●Notion of the evolution: The accurate localization make our superiority outstanding and the powerfully manage lets us far away from the risk. Achieve others‘goal let us grow day by day, the community responsibility lets us take a long-range approach. ●Notion of the employment: Human who has both ability and integrity will be entrusted with an important task. Human who is loyal to the team will get more opportunities. Human who never to give up will get more space to grow. Human who have the same values perspective will be succeed. ●Notion of the team: We’ll success with the unity and fail without the unity. ●Notion of the execution: Credibility is the driver of the powerful execution and the result is the guiding landmark of the powerful execution. ●Statement of the mission: To be the top 10 of the global pigment industry and the top 5 in China until 2018, including the sales volume of the Fast Red FGR(P.R.112) and the Fast Red F3RK(P.R.170) up to No.1 in China, especially the Fast Red FGR(P.R.112) keep No.1 in the global market. We will lead 1200 outstanding colleagues, cultivates 200 preparation managers, cultivate 100 outstanding managers, cultivate 30 preparation directors, cultivate 20 outstanding directors, cultivate 10 preparation general managers, cultivate 8 outstanding general managers, train 128 shareholders, train 200 millionaires, train 28 multimillionaires, assist 400 colleagues to solve the vehicle problem, assist 800 colleagues to solve the apartment problem. With the support of the steady talented person and the direction of the consultant, RIWA will realize to be a collectivize enterprises, including 2 trade enterprises, 7 factories and a vocational college. The range of business of the trade enterprise relate to the business of import and export the chemicals and the “ EKOUW”. RIWA GROUP have two brands: RIWA and HANGCOLOR. The annual sales volume 10 hundred million, the tangible asset up to 5 hundred million, the intangible asset up to 10 hundred million. The annual growth rate of achievement will be above 30%. Every year we pay tax up to 40-50 millions, charitable donation 20 millions, build 2 hoping schools and subsidize 50 college students to incarnate our social responsibility.