Quzhou is an ancient county in the North China Plain and also a famous northern water city. Fuyang River, Ancient Zhanghe River (now known as Zhizhang River) and other rivers pass through it. In addition, the old county seat in the past is located in the Hequ of Fuyang River. To get in and out of Quzhou County, you must pass through several bridges. In Quzhou, it can be said that the concept of bridge is deeply rooted in people's minds. It is commonly known that people from outside the city come to Quzhou to go to fairs or do business or go shopping. People who live in the Chengguan Pass of Quzhou claim to live on the bridge. Quzhou City is also known as the "urban bridge", which is a very interesting cultural phenomenon. "Going to the bridge", which contains many emotions of Quzhou people, has a deep cultural connotation. It is an important humanistic phenomenon and is worth exploring and studying. Up to now, this ancient saying has not disappeared, but has become more and more abundant. Hebei Shangqiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a formal enterprise integrating production and sales. The company mainly produces granular water-soluble fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer containing large elements, water-soluble fertilizer containing humic acid, medium and trace elements, foliar fertilizer, soil conditioner and other fertilizers. In June 2016, it was awarded the title of "China Quality Integrity AAAA Brand Enterprise". With the mission of "planting more simply", Shangqiao Biology has carried out innovative research in the field of plant nutrition and fertilizer, and in the field of crop whole process solutions.