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Luyang Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. Going through more than 36 years development, Luyang has become a world famous enterprise for new energy-saving materials researching, manufacturing and selling in the field of ceramic fibers, bio-soluble fibers, alumina fibers, rock wool fibers and insulating firebricks. Luyang is a professional inorganic fiber materials manufacturer; drafting unit of international standards and national standards; leaders in energy-saving and environmental protection materials. Luyang has national-recognized enterprise technology center and State Key Laboratory of enterprise. Luyang has 126 patents and 54 scientific and technological achievements. Luyang has an annual output of 400,000 tons of various ceramic fiber products and 200,000 tons of rock wool products, with five production bases in Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Guiyang and Suzhou. Luyang has maintained a leading position in scale, technology, variety and efficiency in domestic industries for many years and ascends among the world's ceramic fiber industry forefront. Luyang products are in great demand nationwide and sold in more than sixty countries and regions. Luyang products are applied widely in the field of petrochemical refractory insulation, long-distance pipe network insulation, building fire insulation, shipping fire prevention, household appliances fire insulation, high-temperature insulation etc,.