Shandong Lianzhong Ceramics Company Limited

SHANDONG LIANZHONG CERAMICS COMPANY LIMITED, is a modern architectural ceramics enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of interior wall tiles. With the international advanced level of modern production line, equipped with 17 channels of fine ceramic inkjet machine, a full set of Italian automatic molding machine, large wide roller kiln and other cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, to ensure the annual output of 10 million square meters of high-grade inner wall brick continuous and stable production. In strict accordance with national environment protection standards, the research and production use the natural gas for product firing, and updates integrated environment protection equipment such as desulfurization and dust removal, so as to truly realize green and environmental protection production. Up to now, the company has successfully incubated a total of 358 private brands and brands of service building ceramics industry. Relying on superior product quality and modern aesthetic design, the products are not only used in thousands of domestic households, but also exported to Germany, Spain, Russia, the Middle East, South America and other countries and regions.