TJ-CS Series Rail Type Chain Saw

Xiamen Eastern Pegasus Co., Ltd.
Xiamen, Fujian Sheng

Product Details

1. This machine can also cut on uneven ground, like cutting on a 15-degree slope. 2. Normally, it can cut without water. 3. It can blindly cut, don't need to drill ahead of time. It can save auxiliary time and large air compressor equipment. 4. The cutting surface is very smooth, it can improve the condition of mines, and the blocks are square and don't need to trim. 5. It is quiet and safe in operation, has a good working environment, and low labor intensity, only need 1 person to operate. 6. It has high cutting efficiency while continuously cutting, in the case of 3000mm cutting depth type, 10 hours continuously working can cut 60 square meters of cutting surface. 7. Cutting cost is lower than that of a diamond wire saw. 8. Used with diamond wire saw can make full use of their strengths, two kinds of machine can achieve the effect of 1+1>2