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V-Touch Interactive Whiteboard

Viper Technology

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Throw Ratio of the Camera Unit:  Approx. T/R 0.3
Interactive Area:  90” @ 50 cm
Auto Calibration:  Yes
Image Processing Speed: ~165 Mn dots / sec
Writing Speed: Faster than others
Edge Blending Support: Yes
Finger Touch Compatibility: Yes
Dual Band Pass filter optics: Yes

• World’s first Interactive Solution that supports 255 touch simultaneously .

• Feather-smooth writing experience, with real-time response.

• Surface independent &robust installation. Low support and maintenance costs.

• Supports Gesture Recognition, like zoom, pan, tilt, flick sand soon.

• Super-capacitive stylus with no consumables like battery .

• Native handwriting recognition.

• Shape-recognition up to six-sided figures.

• World first Interactive whiteboard solutions with "Cloud Access” in IWB Application, content can be accessed for free on any topic in the world.

• Super Compressed recording (1 hour class room lecture Recording with approx. 80 MB file size only).

• Full support for Ms Office files like handwriting recognition in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

• Extensive Resource Library with relevant content.

• Geometric Toolslike protractor , compass, ruler etc. &Integration with MS Office.

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